Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago, only a small, hardcore group of Bitcoin enthusiasts would have understood the term “blockchain.” Now, anyone who uses social media is at least familiar with the term, and the technology is proving its worth across a wealth of use cases…


This tutorial will try to teach our community to purchase the DCIP token if they have BNB in a Binance wallet, so with the help of few Youtube videos and some screen shots, I’ll write some steps.

Step 1. This is available for any token, not specifically for DCIP…

Written by one of our investors.

Hi there! Project started at June 30th this year. Team is fully doxxed on their website, there you also find the Whitepaper and roadmap.

Accomplishments so far:

• DApp fully released and first investments made ->

• Limited company established right two days ago in the Seychelles


Total: 1T DCIP in prizes

To stimulate the organic growth of Decentralized Community Investment Protocol (DCIP) we have decided to open up a “shilling” contest for our community members. The rules are simple, spread the word and earn DCIP


The rules are simple, do not spam! Any form of spam…

We take scammers very seriously and have an absolute 0 tolerance for scammers.

Our legal team takes every measure in place to ensure our community is #SAFU

Just after our launch, we have encountered a copycat. Impersonating to be DCIP, and Impersonating our CEO. Not only are scammers bad for…

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

Worlds first Decentralized community investment fund

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