DCIP Shilling contest

Total: 1T DCIP in prizes

To stimulate the organic growth of Decentralized Community Investment Protocol (DCIP) we have decided to open up a “shilling” contest for our community members. The rules are simple, spread the word and earn DCIP

The rules are simple, do not spam! Any form of spam will have you disqualified from the contest. We will review each submission manually.

The contest ends on: Saturday 21st of August at 11:59 PM CET

Simple tasks:

Text advertisements in telegram/discord 0.1 Point / Message (Fair use limit of 1 Point in total)

Tweets 0.1 Point / Tweet (Fair use limit of 1 Point in total)

Reddit post 0.25 point/post(Fair use limit of 1 Point in total)

Stocktwits post 0.1 Point / post (Fair use limit of 2 Point in total)

Other tasks:
Reddit trending (top 5) 10 Points / Post (Crypto related communities)

Bitcointalk Thread 25 points

Real-life shill 1–1000 points (Depending on creativity)

DCIP server in your language 10 points(and maintaining it)

Other 1–5000 points: Use your imagination, examples can be: Influencer marketing, Soft shill which brings new investors in crypto communities, making a DCIP

Unsure? Just contact us in chat and we are happy to discuss your ideas.

To help you we have built an asset library that contains all our images.

Images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jeJ5xtpDssaITfXVp2Lrdf1r9UMzc8hg?usp=sharing

Text shills:



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