DCIP VS Scammers

We take scammers very seriously and have an absolute 0 tolerance for scammers.

Our legal team takes every measure in place to ensure our community is #SAFU

Just after our launch, we have encountered a copycat. Impersonating to be DCIP, and Impersonating our CEO. Not only are scammers bad for our own name. They also hurt the community, both DCIP and Crypto in general.

We do not tolerate this and have a legal team working on taking down those scammers ASAP.

Let's use this case as an example for you scammers!

Under 8 hours we successfully took down the scam website together with the Legal & Abuse team of the hosting provider. They have stored all records (WHOIS, Account and login information, and website data) and forwarded them to the local authorities of the scammer's country.

Furthermore, our legal team filed:
-IC3 REPORT to the FBI

-DMCA Takedown Notice (for Copyright infringement)




Worlds first Decentralized community investment fund

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Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

Worlds first Decentralized community investment fund

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