Short introduction in DCIP

Written by one of our investors.

Hi there! Project started at June 30th this year. Team is fully doxxed on their website, there you also find the Whitepaper and roadmap.

Accomplishments so far:

• DApp fully released and first investments made ->

• Limited company established right two days ago in the Seychelles

• Fiat bridge partnership signed with Indacoin:

That brings exposure to 500k potential new investors: Will enable to buy DCIP directly via Visa / Mastercard

Right after that Article in the pipeline.

Estimated time frame for fiat integration and ct article: This November.

Personal opinion: I’m in since 3rd week of July. Currently I’m at ~1.5x of my total investment. Team around @Mike_DCIP, @Rick_DCIP and @jasperverbeet does a great job, they are fully doxxed (you find them on website and with a little research also their Linkedin for example) and are experienced in the field of cryptocurrency (CEO Mike for example 8 years of experience).

The community itself is very serious and well behaved. We each try to show every day, that we aren’t a shit-coin like so many others around. And we’ll be active to keep it this way.

Mike, the CEO currently funds the project out of his own money, so no community money has been used for that. Community money has only been used to do the investments and to support the integration of the fiat bridge, which was voted in favor of by the community before doing so.

How does DCIP work?

It is a fully community driven investment hedge fund on bep20 blockchain. Investments are fully decided by community through vote via DApp. Your voting power equals the share you get of the profit, once the investment is liquidated in part or fully. Profits are fully shared to the community.

The community also sets up the investment proposals. If you want to create a proposal, you have to at least hold 80 billion of $DCIP and if the proposal passes the community vote and is successfully liquidated in the future, the you as the one who proposed it, will receive an additional 2.5% of the profit in addition to your normal reward.

Receiving your normal profit (not the 2.5%for proposal creator) is not limited by any amount of $DCIP you hold, you just have to hold $DCIP for that.

DCIP has an integrated anti-whale and anti-bot mechanism.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask, mate!

So, in the end: Welcome to DCIP.FINANCE!




Worlds first Decentralized community investment fund

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Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol

Worlds first Decentralized community investment fund

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