Tutorial 2: Basic knowledge about DApp


TAB 1. First tab its the most important, here you will see all the rewards you are getting for the simple reason that you are not selling :D

You can see the daily profits by reflection and the rewards from investments also a total on gains.

TAB 2. This tab is connected with our investment wallet and is in sync with all the tokens we invested in and in the chart pie you see the amount we invested in them, if you scroll down you can see the Profit or the Lose on each Investment.

TAB 3. OTC Tab: This tab is very important for our project, since here we sell a part of the tokens collected from the fees both standard fees but mostly the fee if you sold in 24h after the purchase.

The BNB collected from this exchange goes directly in the account from TAB 2 and what is very special about this exchange is that it has no fees, so you as a valuable member of our community get 10% extra coins then if you got them from pancake swap.

TAB 4 The Proposal TAB. This is the most important part of our project, what is a hedge fund if you can’t decide in what you want to invest, well here the magic happens. We ask for a minimum of 80B tokens (can be changed in the future) to create a proposal. And in return if your proposal is agreed by the community and after 7 days it has 50.1% or greater up votes and greater the 100% quorum you will receive 2.5% from the profit of this investment, and the rest of the community will receive their share amount calculated based on the amount of tokens they hold when the investment is made.

TAB 5 The news TAB Here from time to time we drop the most important news … Not much to explain here :D