Tutorial: Buy DCIP on mobile using Trust



This tutorial will try to teach our community to purchase the DCIP token if they have BNB in a Binance wallet, so with the help of few Youtube videos and some screen shots, I’ll write some steps.

Step 1. This is available for any token, not specifically for DCIP so fallow the next video, he explains it better :

Step 2. How to transfer from Binance to your private wallet. Again available for all tokens not DCIP specific so the video I found is …

Step 3 From this step forward its DCIP specific, but can be also applied to other new tokens.

When you open the Trust app you will see something like this, go to the top corner and click.

This step is needed in order to add the token to your wallet.

Step 4. After you clicked this button you will be moved to this screen where you have to search for DCIP, until the Add Custom Token is Visible, once the button is visible, click it and go to the next step.

Step 4. In this screen make sure you select the network “Smart Chain” and then paste the address of our token with is the fallowing 0x308fc5cdd559be5cb62b08a26a4699bbef4a888fIf after this you pasted the address your screens looks similar to the one below, press Done.

Step 5. In the main screen of Trust app you will see a button called DApps. Click it and you will see a screen like this. Then in the top input paste the fallowing link: https://www.flooz.trade/wallet/0x308fc5cdd559be5cb62b08a26a4699bbef4a888f/ then next.

Step 6. In the top corner if it looks like this, with the Ethereum logo, you must click it and select the Smart Chain network, then the screen will change to the final picture.

Step 7. The Final step. If you got here it means all the steps were done perfectly, and you are 1 step from becoming and investor in DCIP community